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Rider Testimonials

"Keshawn jumps up and down. Six months ago he wasn’t able to jump without falling. His oralskills have improved 100%. It has helped him so much with strength in his legs; his balance ismuch steadier than last summer. As long as I am physically and financially able to be involvedat Hearts & Hooves, we will be here," - Carrie, parent of rider

Volunteer Testimonials

I am sincerely honored to be part of Hearts & Hooves! It has truly become a passion in my life. In my world, full of office cubicles, computers, and project deadlines, I can honestly say that spending my time at Hearts & Hooves on Saturday is sometimes the only thing I look forward to all week! Being able to work with the great staff and awesome kids that come out is amazing! And, who knew shoveling horse poop could be so rewarding! I just wish I could give more of my time. ~Shane , age 27


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