Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


Barn Repairs Needed, Horses Turn to #GivingTuesday

Hearts & Hooves is blessed with a wonderful facility, but make no mistake: it doesn't stay wonderful all on its own!  Maintaining a working farm requires a lot of upkeep, which requires daily attention, skilled volunteers and donated dollars.  Hearts & Hooves makes it top prioirty to be good stewards of every dollar given to us, which means we impliment lots of cost-saving methods and use every resource we have.  

Currently, the staff is working to find donations, discounts and volunteer services to help make some very needed repairs to the Therapy Horse Barn.  The biggest need is in roof repair, to take out the skylights and repair the leaks.  It's so important to maintain the integrity of the building, as well as ensure our saddles and other equipment are not ruined by water damage, and most importantly, that our valuable equine partners stay warm and dry while in their stalls!

You can help!  Participate in our booster sale--proceeds from this campaign go towards barn repairs.  Give  a heavy-weight sweatshirt or long-sleeved t-shirt to your favorite rider, volunteer, horseperson, or Hearts & Hooves supporter, and you're also giving to H&H's equine staff.  Read more about this campaign, and purchase your shirt here:

Don't want a shirt, but want to help?  We are dedicating all donations given on #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015. (Don't know what giving Tuesday is? Check out this webpage:  Help us spread the word on social media by sharing on Facebook, retweeting, and sharing the image below.  Let's help our horses stay happy and dry this winter!



You're Invited to the Horse Party!

Welcome one, welcome all!  The horses are throwing a party this December.  Come join us for caroling, hot chocolate, friends and more!  We will start in the barn with hot chocolate and carols, and then move to the Therapy Room where the Christmas tree with be up.  Our riders will help out their horse friends by opening their Christmas presents.  Come join your “barn family” for treats, holiday cheer, and fun around the Christmas tree!  As Sam mentioned in the invitation he’s sending out, the human staff of Hearts & Hooves has typed up the horses’ Christmas lists, and they’re here for you.  You can also find these on the tree by the arena—take an ornament from our Angel Tree and make your favorite horse’s Christmas even better!

Remember: if you shope, check Hearts & Hooves as your beneficiary, and Amazon will donate to us for every dollar you spend!



Capt Jackson
5 colored cones for my lessons…
Gift Card to
Gift Card to Home Depot, so I can buy gravel for my pasture!

Hoof Heal for my toes (available at Farmer’s Association in Cabot or Little Rock, or online at


Vitamin B-1 crumbles

Bit Warmer…ah! Warm mouth!!…/bit-warmer-for-horses/
Electric Heated Water Bucket:…/5-Gallon-Flatback-Heated-Water-Bu…/…

Cowboy Magic Detangler^82914846817-sku^73382@ADL4HORSE-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^45396065737


Vitamin B-1 (…/horse-health-vita-b…/BWB4103/
Forco (a digestive aid found at feed stores…good for my tummy!)…/…/Forco-Equine-Digestive-Fortifier
Slow Feed Hay Net, like a “Nibble Net”:…/…/standard-redframe.htm
Odaban (found at Home Depot)…/202560626…


Courbette Stirrup Leathers—they don’t stretch, and last MUCH longer than other types…keeps me from getting back pain from uneven riding. Small-Medium sizes fit my riders!
Hoof Heal Conditioner—can be found at Farmers in Cabot or Little Rock, or
Electric heated bucket, so when I nap in a stall my bucket isn’t all icey and cold.…/5-Gallon-Flatback-Heated-Water-Bu…/…


Bit Warmer…/bit-warmer-for-horses/

Corbette Stirrup Leathers—the 54 inch/”Regular” size, please!
Cowboy Magic Detangler^82914846817-sku^73382@ADL4HORSE-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^45396065737

Walmart Gift Card (I’ll send my human staff to shop for what I need!)


Bag of Alfalfa Cubes (Yum!)
Bit Warmer --…/bit-warmer-for-horses/
Rubber bands for safety stirrups (“peacock stirrups”):…/replacement-rubbe…/SLT730281/

Home Depot gift card so that humans can fix the fence boards I break.


Corbette brand Stirrup Leathers—I need short ones, cause I’m tiny and adorable.
Nibble Net-the humans say I eat hay too fast, and this slows me down.…/…/standard-redframe.htm
Shoulder Relief Girth, 24 inches:

Bag of alfalfa cubes… they’re the yummiest! (Found at feed stores or TSC!)


Vitamin B-1 crumbles…/horse-health-vita-b…/BWB4103/
Forco—it’s a supplement to keep my tummyhappy!…/…/Forco-Equine-Digestive-Fortifier
Bit Warmer --…/bit-warmer-for-horses/

Hoof Heal Conditioner, for healthy, happy toes! (Can be found at Farmers in Cabot or Little Rock, or online at


Bag of Alfalfa cubes (they’re my fav.)
Slow Feed Hay Net, cause I like to nibble.…/…/standard-redframe.htm
Stirrup pads (4.25” and 4.5”) gift card, so my humans can get the most important things for me!


Forco—it’s a supplement for my tummy. I usually order it online.…/…/Forco-Equine-Digestive-Fortifier

Cowboy Magic Detangle and Shine. I’ve spend 23 years looking good, and I’m not stopping now!^82914846817-sku^73382@ADL4HORSE-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^45396065737
OdaBan Spray—found at Home Depot… keeps my hooves healthy!


Rider Testimonials

Dear Mrs. Pat, I love your program! All of the people go to great lengths to make the miracles happen! I can see that you are covered in miracles and I am deeply touched by these miracles! --Your rider, Amanda
…PS: I always look forward to our next riding lesson! ~Amanda, 13 years old


Volunteer Testimonials

“Volunteering at Hearts & Hooves is honestly one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life.  Some of my most memorable, significant moments have been due to the relationships I’ve formed with my riders and other volunteers.  Simply put, I love being here!”  --Shane 

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