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Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


Hearts & Hooves is hiring!

We are so happy for Sarah Harmon, who has been accepted to a program that will send her to China in summer of 2015.  Her primary role there will be to teach English as a foreign language, and we wish her all the best in this new adventure!  Sarah has been a part of the Hearts & Hooves staff since 2010, and has brought so much to the staff over these past years.  We are sorry to see her go, but so happy that she is continuing to pursue her dreams!

We are also pleased that Sarah will be around to help train a new instructor who will ultimately take over her lessons, and help Hearts & Hooves continue to grow and thrive.  If you have an interest in joining our mission to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and a full position description.  Hearts & Hooves is currently accepting resumes for this positiion.  In addition to a resume, interested candidates should also submit a cover letter, explaining their horse background/experience and why they are interested in Hearts & Hooves' mission.



Hearts & Hooves Hoedown

We're pleased to announce that the Hearts & Hooves Hoedown, which rasied $95,000 for Hearts & Hooves on October 25, 2014, was a huge success!  For more details and pictures, please click the button below.


Rider Testimonials

Following hippotherapy, our children (ages 3 through 12 with disabilities ranging from severe CP to sensory problems) consistently have shown marked improvements in social, communication and motor skills.  Much more, they enjoy the interaction with these gentle creatures.  Each child has gained confidence, which shows in other areas of their lives.  Their disabilities limits participation in a great many activities – this is truly a very special activity for each.  ~June, mother


Volunteer Testimonials

“My favorite thing about volunteering at Hearts & Hooves is when a rider no longer needs me to sidewalk for them and they go it on their own.”  --Patsy, sidewalker and office volunteer

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